Family History
Grandgeorge - it's a distinctive family name. 

For sake of answering questions on the family lineage, I will attempt a short summary.  My Great Grandfather, August Grandgeorge, emigrated to the United States in 1892.  August and his siblings left their native Alsace-Lorraine Province when the territory was ceded from France to Germany.  The family was believed to be from the Waldersbach (Wildersbach) area of the present Alsace region of France. 

Several members of the Grandgeorge family then settled in Wright County, Iowa community of Woolstock. 

My Grandfather is Francis "Hodie" Grandgeorge, the son of August "Gus" and Mary "Mattie" (Raver) Grandgeorge. 

Hodie grew up in the Eagle Grove, Iowa area and graduated from Eagle Grove High School.  He married Ione Knutson in 1940.  Shortly after getting married, Hodie joined the US Army Air Corps.  He served in the Air Transport Command in the China, Burma, India theatre. 

After the end of WWII, Hodie returned home and began managing grain elevators throughout central Iowa.  The family of six children of Hodie and Ione grew up in several Iowa towns, including Badger, Stanhope, Iowa Falls, Britt and Humboldt.  Hodie and Ione retired to West Lake Okoboji.  Hodie died in 1988 and Ione in 1989. 

Click to see this photo larger - Grandgeorge, Christmas 1984

Click to see this photo larger - Hodie and Ione Grandgeorge Family

Family Documents

For members of the family, here are a few documents that may be of interest.  I want to give my sincere thanks to the family members who gathered and prepared this information: my godfather Joe Grandgeorge, cousin Diana Grandgeorge, cousin Greg Grandgeorge and my father Monte Grandgeorge - many thanks to you all!

Knutson Family Details

Grandgeorge Family Tree (by Diana Grandgeorge)

Knutson Family Tree (by Diana Grandgeorge)

August Grandgeorge's Confirmation Certificate

Woolstock Old French Church and Cemetery (2007)

Ban de la Roche Visits Iowa (Des Moines Register - 1985?)

Mason (Maternal) Family Details

Read Family Wedding Stories that contain a little more history. 

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August Grandgeorge

Francis "Hodie" Grandgeorge

Hodie and Ione Grandgeorge - 1940's

Grandgeorge Family Tree - by Diana Grandgeorge