Wedding Weekend Photos

Jenni, navigating the Pallet Maze in Clear Lake, shows supreme confidence.
  Jenni, again navigating, shows her supreme confidence in Pete's reckoning.
Jenni and niece Ruby mug for the camera
Jenni pauses along the Upper Iowa River (Nice Shoes!)
On the same canoe trip, Pete kicks it old school in his Ray Charles Raybans. 
Our house in Bondurant   What We've Been Doing...

Jenni and I headed off for a short Honeymoon the day after the Wedding - a pleasant tour through Northeast Iowa.  We spent a night at a Native American Burial Ground in the Dubuque area and then trundled north west to Upper Iowa River near Decorah. 

We've now returned home to our house in Bondurant.  The cats were happy to have us home.

Thank you to every one who shared this wedding with us... and thank you for making us who we are. 

Love, Jenni and Peter!

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