Wedding Weekend Photos
Jenni dances a slow song with her brother Brad. 
The Dunaway Kids pose with their Aunt Margey (It was a tough call, but Margey is the best looking)
Jenni's Alpha Chi Sorority Sisters from Simpson packed the house!
Hmmm... After the Guys started serenading Elvis tunes, Jenni reconsidered marriage...
George brought out his beautiful wife Marketa - and danced the night away! 
Jackson, a terror on the dance floor, shows off his moves with Rachel Schmidt

(don't worry Dad, her brother Eric is chaperoning)

Not to be out done by Jackson, Mother-Daughter pair Lynne and Wendy show off their moves.
Marvel Dunaway was talked into posing with Emma and Jackson.
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So many thanks to this bunch - those we love and those we hope still love us after this wedding thing.
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